Troubleshooting problems

If you’re having issues with the map list showing correctly there are a few things you can check to see if you can find out why:

Theme conflict

Sometimes theme’s run their own filtering on any html that may appear on the page, and can incorrectly filter the html that Map List Pro outputs. Try switching to a default theme for a minute to see if the maps work then.

Plugin conflict

Sometimes other plugins may load their own version of Knockout.js or Google Maps and this can cause issues if they don’t use the same names as Map List Pro. Try disabling all plugins, and seeing if the problems persist. If this fixes the problem re-enable plugins one by one to work out which one is causing the issue.

jQuery version

You should be using a recent version of jQuery – this is often bundled with your theme, and will need to be updated there. Versions from 1.4.2 and backwards will most likely not work with Map List Pro.

Something else

Tried the above, but still got problems? Read through the other faqs, or Get in touch and I’ll try to help – the more information you can give me about your setup/issue the better.

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