How to import locations from CSV/Excel

To be able to import locations into Map List Pro and see all the fields you need to have added at least one location already.

It’s not a built in feature, but yes you can import locations using a third party plugin. Your locations in the csv need to have lat/lng defined otherwise they will not show the correct location when viewed on the map.

  • Download and install the “WP Ultimate CSV Importer Plugin” (
  • Click on the WP Ultimate CSV Importer option on the menu (normally near the bottom).
  • Choose Imports->Custom posts.
  • Choose Browser, and select your CSV file.
  • Click Next.
  • Choose the following options:
    • Select post type : maplist
    • Import with post status : Publish (assuming you want all locations to be live immediately).
    • csv_post_title : post_title
    • maplist_description : post_content
    • maplist_shortdescription : CF:maplist_description
    • maplist_address: CF:maplist_address
    • maplist_latitude: cf:maplist_latitude
    • maplist_longitude: cf:maplist_longitude
    • csv_ctax_map_location_categories : map_location_categories
  • Click next.
  • Choose Detect duplicate post content and post title options
  • Set the No. of posts/rows per server request to 10.
  • Click Import Now.

That’s it. The locations should all import without any issues. You can Download the example csv if you need it.

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