How to set zoom levels

Starting zoom level

By default Map List Pro will calculate the zoom levels automatically to make sure that all of the visible locations are in view.

It is possible to override the starting zoom level to just show an area at a particular zoom level. To set the starting zoom you also need to set a manual start position (as this can no longer be calculated by fitting all locations in view). An example shortcode with the start position and default zoom is:

[maplist defaultzoom=”8″ startlatlong=”43.671,-79.380″]

Set the zoom level for a selected location

To set how far the map zooms in when a location is selected you need to change the selected zoom level option:

[maplist selectedzoomlevel=”10″]

Fixing the zoom level

It is possible to stop the map from zooming back out from a location when a location is de-selected. Add keepzoomlevel to your shortcode to do this:

[maplist keepzoomlevel=”true”]

Single location zoom level (since v3.12)

If only one location is showing on a map then the single location zoom level is used. By default this is set to 15. To override it use a shortcode like this:

[maplist singlelocationzoom=”5″]

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