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How do I pull custom fields into the description?

The mlp_location_description filter gives you access to the description field before it is sent to the front end. Here you can get fields from the database and add and change the description text. Custom fields created with the Map List Pro mlp_location_metaboxes filter are passed to the function along with the description html, and the…

How to add extra fields to the location editor

Yes. You can add additional fields to the editor by adding some code to your theme’s functions.php file. The code you need is:

For a full list of the field types you can use take a look at this page. Note: Map List Pro may not support all of the field types listed.

Default custom fields

All of the fields in Map List Pro are normal WordPress custom fields. Sometimes you may need to know what these are for some more advanced techniques. The fields are: maplist_description – The short description used in the list. maplist_address – The address field. maplist_latitude – The decimal latitude of the location. maplist_longitude – The decimal…

Adding a search form to a different page

From version 3.9.8 onwards Map List Pro looks for parameters passed via the url and uses these to prefill the search. These parameters are: locationSearchTerms textSearchTerms searchDistance “locationSearchTerms” is the default parameter used for searching and is all you need to pass for location and text search modes. If you’re using the combo search mode you’ll…