Adding a map and list to a page

To add a Map List to your page you just need to click the Map List Pro button in the editor. This will let you pick the options you want to use for the list and add a shortcode to your page or post.

The first thing you need to decide is if you want to pick locations from a list, or filter the locations by categories. You then need to click on the corresponding tab.

List locations by picking them

This option lets you create a map list with just the locations you want to display. Just check the locations you want to include by ticking them.

List locations by category

This is the best option if you want to list all files from a certain category, and you want the list to update itself as new locations are created. Pick the categories you want to display from the list.

Show all locations

To show all locations pick the “By Category” tab and leave all categories unticked.


You can choose what direction the map list will be sorted initially – ascending or descending by title.

Other Options

The rest of the options allow you to customise how the file list looks:

  • Locations per page – this is the number of files that should be shown before paging kicks in.
  • Hide search, Hide sort, Hide filter – these allow you to customise the display of individual lists by hiding pieces of functionality.

Once you have chosen all of your options click the Insert button and a shortcode will be entered into your content.

If you prefer you can enter the shortcode manually. You can find a full list of all of the shortcode options on the shortcode options page.

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