Adding locations

Map Locations for Map List Pro can be created quickly and easily through the WordPress Admin interface:

  1. Click On Map Locations on the main menu.
  2. Choose Add New.
  3. There are two main ways to specify where your location is:
    1. By Searching – Start typing into the Search by address box and Map List Pro will search for the location using Google Maps. When you see your location in the list click on it and it will prefill the appropriate fields for you.
    2. By Latidtude/Longitude – Enter the Latitude and Longitude for the location and click Go to select it on the map.
  4. If you searched for your location most fields will be precompleted for you, if not you will need to fill in The Title, Description, and Address for the location.
  5. You can also add Location categories in for this location. This allows you to filter the locations in lists.

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